Glynn Art
Inspiring and nourishing our community with the visual arts


As part of its deep commitment to artistic opportunities for both artists and the community, Glynn Art Association puts on a number of festivals throughout the year. These festivals tend to vary from year to year in both theme and timing, but their focus remains the same: Glynn Art Association is committed to bringing art to their community.

Festivals through the Glynn Art Association serve a number of purposes. First, they provide a chance for exposure for the artists who show their work. Sometimes, that has looked like bringing in a renowned artist, or even just their work, such as when the association had the “Jack Davis: From the Beginning” exhibit at their facilities in 2013. However, sometimes these exhibits look like a chance at exposure for other, newer artists who may still be trying to make their mark on the field. For up and coming artists looking for a chance to connect with other artists as well as potential customers, these festivals can be invaluable.

The festivals serve another purpose, however: they bring the community together to celebrate art. Sometimes, this looks like community members enjoying art they themselves created, such as when the various art classes offered by the association put on displays of student work at the end of the class duration. Other times, however, it simply looks like community members—whether experienced artists or not—enjoying the intrinsic joy that comes with art through the displays of the festivals.

These festivals also often provide a much more high-profile time for potential buyers to purchase art. Although the GlynnArt Gallery almost always has art for sale, the festivals carry the benefit of offering much more exposure to the art pieces in a much shorter amount of time. Not only can this be financially helpful for artists, but it also once again offers great opportunities to community members, whether they are looking to purchase art in order to decorate their homes, give a special gift, or finish their holiday shopping.

The Glynn Art Association festivals provide a wonderful opportunity to bring many different people out to see and enjoy the many different types of art created by the association’s own artists.