Glynn Art
Inspiring and nourishing our community with the visual arts


The Glynn Art Association was established in 1953 in Glynn County, Georgia. Now the Glynn Visual Arts Center, the association still continues to inspire both established and amateur artists. That's why this unofficial website exists—we are inspired by this red-roofed art gallery on the south side of St. Simons Island. We come off of Beachview Drive and enter a realm that exists to enrich and nourish the culture of the community. When someone stands in the gallery or visits the evocative and thought-provoking exhibits, we can't help but believe it nourishes their soul.

We are lovers of art.
That's why we created this website, because we believe art is good for the mind and good for the heart. It expresses our unspeakable emotions. It stretches and bends the horizons of the mind. We believe in the creation of a strong cultural climate and the furthering of art education. It builds a connection between people, and it makes the world a better place.

The Glynn Visual Arts relies entirely on its members, artwork sales, festivals, and special events for funding. Please consider becoming a member or donating. Due to the 501(c) 3 status of this organization, both membership and donations are tax deductible.