Glynn Art
Inspiring and nourishing our community with the visual arts

This is no the official website for the GlynnArt Gallery or the Glynn Art Association. Please visit their new website to learn more about the current offerings of GlynnArt Gallery and the association, and to get involved with the work they do in their Glynn County, Georgia community. You can visit their new website here.

The Glynn Arts Association is a Georgia based, not for profit art association that began with the intention of offering opportunities to artists of all levels and types for development and exposure through their “Gallery on Mallery” in St. Simons Island. The Glynn Art Association (now called Glynn Visual Arts/GVA) invests in its coastal community and tries to bring the joy of art to artists and non-artists alike through their community activities and enrichment opportunities.

Glynn Art Association was established in 1953 as a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization in Glynn County, Georgia, and has worked to build a stronger culture through art on St. Simons Island. They firmly believe that art is an important part of any culture, and thus seek to strengthen the culture through strengthening the arts.

St. Simons Island is a small but beautiful island off the coast of Georgia, connected by Torras Causeway. Aside from that paved connection, the island is separated from the mainland by the “Marshes of Glynn,” a beautiful and famous area of marsh which has made this area of the country a popular area for tourists to visit, especially after Sidney Lanier’s work drew attention to the area.

The GlynnArt Gallery’s quaint location lies just north of Pier Village as well as a gallery in Pier Village proper. These presences in the community allows Glynn Arts Association to attract tourists and community members to view its member’s art, which is showcased during regular hours and available for purchase. This means that even when the association is not holding an event, its member artists from many different backgrounds and art disciplines are still able to put their art on display and use the gallery to connect to potential buyers and supporters of their art. Just like the tourists who come from all over the country to visit this area of the country, Glynn Art Association also caters to artists who live not just year-round near St. Simons Island, but also to artists who spend parts of their year in other parts of the country instead.

Glynn Arts Association has been connecting artists to opportunities to further their work for more than 60 years. They put on festivals throughout the year where visual artists can display work in many different mediums, including fine arts, graphics, acrylics, charcoal, pastel, pencil, ink, printmaking, oils, watercolor, jewelry, leather, metal, photography, mixed media, glass, pottery, sculpture, textiles, and wood.

GlynnArt also organizes and puts on several festivals each year. Each of these festivals throughout the year encapsulates the community spirit and artistic excellence that has driven the Glynn Art Association for decades. Artists can sign up for a booth to showcase their work and benefit from the connections made with fellow artists as well as visiting community members over the course of the festivals.

Since its inception, the Glynn Art Association has offered classes in art for every age, including classes specifically for children as well as for senior citizens. Some class offerings have included pottery, watercolors, oil and acrylic paints, drawing, art exploration classes for children, pastels, photography, water media, printmaking, and open studio style classes. There have also been short-term classes and special presentations on other topics, such as framing, edible art, jewelry making, scrapbooking and card making, and outdoor painting. This variety of classes aims to offer something of interest to artists of all ages and levels, and provides valuable opportunities for young people specifically to try their hand at different kinds of art in a fun and safe environment where they can be creative and explore all the opportunities the arts offer to them.

In the past, the Glynn Arts Association has taken their commitment to the children of their community a step further through partnerships with children’s shelters and local schools, bringing excellent art education to children who may otherwise not have an opportunity to experience the creative outlet that the visual arts can provide. They have also worked to showcase art from even their youngest students, providing community-wide affirmation to their young artists.

The Glynn Arts Association continues its commitment to education by consistently providing a wide variety of classes and workshops in many different formats. GlynnArt Gallery partners with many different artists and teachers to connect students with quality mentors who will push them toward success while sharing the joy of art. In the past, students have also had the opportunity to showcase and sell art right alongside their instructors, providing them with valuable exposure to the artistic community in St. Simons.

The gallery has also held monthly art exhibitions, sometimes with select artists, and other times with work from various member artists who are all eligible to participate.

Although Glynn Art Association is based in Georgia, its artists hail from all over the nation. Beginning in 2005, the group began raising funds to expand its offerings in the community through a permanent visual arts center. Through the generous donation of a three-acre parcel of land from the Sea Island Company, the Glynn Arts Association was able to approach architect John Rentz about designing a permanent home for the classes, workshops, critiques, gallery exhibitions, festivals, and other activities offered all year round.

The building includes classrooms, expansive galleries (large enough to host local artists, student work, and visiting exhibitions as well), a gift shop, top of the line pottery studio space, meeting rooms that can be rented out to the community, space for weddings, conferences, and other special events, commercial grade kitchen facilities that also work for culinary artists to showcase their talent, an art library complete with internet accessible computers, sculpture gardens, and more. As the GlynnArt Gallery continues to grow, they use continued donor support to expand on and maintain the facilities in order to best reach the community and support their artists. Through expansions to the Board of Directors, program offerings, and facilities, the Glynn Arts Association has endeavored to keep its outreach to the community (local and artistic) at the forefront of its activities. Although GlynnArt does not receive government funding or run for profit, it has received sufficient funds from donors and memberships (both tax deductible) to be able to continue its work in the community.

In addition to educational and exhibition events, Glynn Arts Association has provided artists with the chance to be critiqued by other artists as well as to enter in art shows where they have the opportunity to have their art judged by professional artists. These juried competitions allow artists to have their work evaluated by professionals based on set criteria, and can provide not only valuable exposure to artists, but also opportunities to network along with objective feedback about their work and ways they can improve.

Other activities and opportunities offered by the association include regular newsletters and email updates, discipline-specific exhibits (photography, etc.). It has also hosted holiday events and other special workshops and displays. In addition, the group has offered various benefits to its members outside of strictly association related activities and offerings, including discounts for services from area businesses (for example, framing or prints). Through the variety of its offerings for members and community members alike, Glynn Art Association actively seeks to create and maintain a strong artistic community for all of its members, all year round. They use the funds they raise through various fundraising events and competitions to pour right back into their community by funding other programs and classes that increase artistic opportunity for creatives and also make visual arts more accessible to the general community.

Glynn Arts Association is deeply committed to preserving the visual art disciplines as an important part of the culture and community. Because of their belief in the importance of a general consciousness of the arts for a healthy society, they believe part of the way to create a strong culture is to continue to offer their educational and artistic events, courses, and gallery exhibitions all year round, giving people opportunities to learn and engage with the valuable cultural insights created by the arts.

Please visit the new Glynn Visual Arts website to learn more about the most recent offerings from the association, including the latest information about classes, upcoming events and exhibitions, and membership or volunteer opportunities. Glynn Arts Association welcomes volunteers, new members, and other patrons of the arts who recognize the cultural importance of the arts and work alongside them, financially or otherwise, to increase community awareness and access to this important facet of our society.